Kramer Brutus Bean “Kramer”

12-29-93 ~ 12-2010


Kramer is our retired stud dog.  He was a strong hunting dog, and great companion.  In his “golden” years, he chooses the couch instead of the field, but greatly deserves it! He cleared all of his screening tests before breeding at age 10 with flying colors and sired two amazing litters for us.  His sire was the well known Top Brass Super Trooper. Kramer lived to be 15 years with minimal health issues, we miss him dearly....................

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Golden Fields Miss Alexis –Oli “Alex”



Alex was the first puppy at Golden Field Kennels.  We picked her up at 7wks of age, as we were in process of building the kennel.  Alex is an outstanding hunting dog, retrieving her first pheasant at 4 months of age.  She will hunt for you all day long and then some.  She has acquired the name “Hot Rod” from her master.  She has been cleared with CERF, check for congenital heart disease, and rated excellent with OFA.  She hunts hard all day, and at night is more than ready to curl up under your feet and be “man’s best friend”.

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Golden Fields Miss Ruby Doo “Ruby”



Ruby was our second female, we picked up at 8wks of age, approximately 1 month after Alex came.  Alex was un-happy about the new addition, but they’ve grown to be quite good hunting buddies and kennel friends.  They hunt together every weekend.  Ruby is a conservative hunter, she picks up whatever Alex (Hot Rod) misses.  She aims to please and is the sweetest thing when not in the field.   When we’re done walking a field, Ruby’s right there loving on all the blockers or whomever she can get to pet her.  She has whelped two amazing litters.

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Golden Fields Dynamite Drake “Drake”



Drake is son of Kramer and Alex. He has received all his clearances for breeding. Passed OFA with an excellent, cleared with CERF, and cleared for Congenital Heart Disease. We are very excited about Drake, he has significantly stepped up this past year. He is very athletic, and picks things up quickly. He aims to please! Drake will be available for stud services. If interested please contact us!


Golden Fields Cedar Bug "Cedar"

Cedar is the son of Alex and Riverwoods Heza Wild Game Keeper MH . He has received all his clearances for breeding. Passed OFA with good, cleared with CERF, and cleared for Congenital Heart Disease. Cedar is very sweet and has sired an amazing litter!








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